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Mairie de Sélestat
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Mairie de Sélestat
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Handling of personal data

The website respects the privacy of web users and strictly abides by the applicable legislation governing personal information and civil liberties. No personal information is collected without users' consent.

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Mairie de Sélestat
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Information and external links

The website contains links to the websites, based in France and elsewhere, of associations, professional organisations and businesses with whom we form occasional partnerships.

The destination of these links will always be clearly indicated. These pages, for which the web addresses are checked regularly, do not belong to the website

Under no circumstances can the operators of this website be held responsible for the content of external sites accessed via such links. These links are provided purely for the purpose of allowing readers to rapidly access further documentary resources on a given subject.

Creation of hyperlinks

Hyperlinks redirecting to the website may be added to other websites without our prior consent, on the condition that they do not take the form of deep links; that is to say that pages from the website should not be embedded into the pages of an external website, they must only take the form of links which open in a new window.

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Limitation of liability

The information present on this website is provided in the spirit of public service. In spite of the great care we take to check the veracity of all content and information, under no circumstances can the Ville de Sélestat be held liable or accountable in any manner for inaccuracies in this material.

The Ville de Sélestat reserves the right to correct / modify / remove information at any time and with no prior warning.

Intellectual Property

All photographs featured on this website are the property of Ville de Sélestat, P-Mod, Christian Kempf and of online image banks (fotolia, phovoir etc.) or of their authors, used here with their kind permission.

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This restriction does not apply to items whose reproduction is explicitly authorised by the applicable legislation (particularly Order no. 2005-650 of 6th June 2005 and the French Intellectual Property Code).
Nonetheless, all reproductions must be accompanied by clear attribution, specifying the author’s name and original source and, wherever possible, including a web link to the original document.