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With over 70,000 books and other documents, the breadth and depth of the Bibliothèque Humaniste's collections are astonishing. The addition of the Beatus Rhenanus Library to the UNESCO Memory of the World Register bears witness to the universal significance of the collections preserved in Sélestat.

But did you know that, over the centuries, the library has received a succession of donations, bequests and transfers which offer a unique insight into the history of the town and central Alsace? These additions have included paintings, decorative objects, items of furniture and even textiles, forming a diverse collection of almost 2,000 artefacts.

This exhibition showcases the variety of the collections held at the Bibliothèque Humaniste. It includes some remarkable works of vernacular art, as well as some improbable items whose origin and function remain completely unfathomable!

15 Sept. – 31 Dec. 2018

September / December
Tuesday to Sunday : 10:00-12:00 / 13:30-18:00

October / November
Tuesday to Sunday : 13:30-17:30

Monday : closed

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