Teaching resources

A wide-ranging approach

The teaching activities and resources developed by the educational team at the Bibliothèque Humaniste are aimed at children of all ages, from nursery school through to high school.

Designed to complement the school curriculum, our teaching resources combine elements of history, French, geography, life and earth sciences and history of art.

The department also offers various activities: guided tours, workshops and educational exercises, but also customised study projects. A concrete way for your pupils to engage with a variety of subjects:

  • Humanism: understanding humanism, education, correspondence etc.
  • Books in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance: manuscripts, calligraphy and illumination, printing and engraving, the process of making paper etc.
  • Science in the Middle Ages and the Renaissance: spices, plants from the New World etc.

The teaching room provides a comfortable working space for school groups.

Educational tours, exercises and workshops

Guided tours

A guided tour of the museum, introducing younger visitors to humanism and historic books.

For ages 3-18

Price: free for schools in Sélestat and neighbouring towns, €85 for other schools. 

Duration: 90 minutes

Guided tour plus educational activity/workshop

An opportunity for children to discover the museum then dig deeper/experiment in the teaching room.

Educational activity

  • The Book of Miracles of Sainte Foy: discovering a 12th-century manuscript and its awesome illuminated panels.
    Age 8+
  • Münster’s Universal Cosmography: get a unique insight into Renaissance thought courtesy of this scientific work, published in the 16th century.
    Age 12 +
  • What was humanism in the 16th century? Understanding this philosophical context with the help of contemporary texts.
    Age 14+


  • Medieval calligraphy: using a metal quill, participants are invited to try their hand at reproducing the Carolingian minuscule script.
    Age 8+

Price: free for schools in Sélestat and neighbouring towns, €85 for other schools. 

Duration: 90 minutes (45 minutes for the tour, 45 minutes for the activity)


A hands-on approach based on experimentation.

  • Medieval calligraphy
    Age 8 and over
  • Making paper: teaching kids the traditional techniques of paper making, with a chance to knead and work the paste.
    Age 8 and over
  • Engraving: learn the art of engraving as you discover the linocut technique.
    Age 14 and over

Price: free for schools in Sélestat and neighbouring towns, €40 for other schools. 

Duration: 90 minutes

Visite guidée de Sélestat et de la Bibliothèque Humaniste

Sur une demi-journée, visite thématique de Sélestat avec le service Ville d'art et d'histoire, visite de la Bibliothèque Humaniste et ses collections puis atelier calligraphie (du CE2 au lycée).

Tarif : gratuit pour les établissements situés dans la Communauté de Communes de Sélestat, 120 € pour les autres établissements. 

Durée : une demi-journée

Entrance prices

These prices must be added to the cost of your chosen educational activity/workshop.

  • Children under the age of 6: Free
  • Children over the age of 6:  €2
  • Two adult supervisors per group, plus the bus driver: free
  • Additional supervisors: €2